Aperture Cards Imaged To PDF, TIFF, JPG, CAD, JEDMICS, more…

The defense industry, engineering firms and other major manufacturers have archived data on paper as well as film and Aperture Cards for many years. In some cases those cards are being scanned while others are still creating new cards. Our equipment digitizes that film, producing sharp images and accurate index data. Time tested procedure and verification steps are implemented to ensure the conversion project meets quality and accuracy specifications. Aperture Cards containing one or multiple document images in one frame, can be scanned as one image or each document as a separate image.

If you already have electronic images that need to be cut up in some way, we have in-house cropping capabilities. Great for separating multiple Deed and Mortgage documents that were filmed together in one aperture card.

Aperture cards are scanned and the Hollerith data when present is read for indexing. Data can also be captured directly from the image.

We are delighted to demonstrate our expertise by scanning free-of-charge free samples. We will help your company carrying out multiple tests to establish the best proof-of-concept before starting your project. Free sample test images are sent to you via secure FTP, password protected or encrypted email attachment. Inquire about our free "proof-of-concept" for you to sign off before we go live on your project or email us.

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