Digitize Your Archives, Memories or a Piece of History Safely with Govitec - The Best Digitization Services in Lawrenceville, Georgia

With Govitec there is access to a skilled staff with cutting-edge technology and equipment to preserve libraries and museums. The cataloging and conversions are neatly put into effect with the help of the best digitization services in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

Superior quality control standards and 15+ years of experience give us the expertise and a safe pair of hands to digitize your archives, microfilms, newspapers, magazines, books, and other media. Your data conversion is our guarantee. Be assured, Govitec converts your media into searchable, indexed digital documents that you can access with ease through your internal network, digital media or on the web; or you can use our branded online repository.

For all type of specialized task and applications such as enhancing, splitting, cropping, merging, bookmarking, stamping, watermarking, securing and web-based optimizing we give your company the best image processing options. Our business is viable for companies as well as individuals who need services such as High-resolution archival scanning, OCR processing, PDF conversion, Metadata conversion and creation, compression and optimization, and numerous types of other conversions such as PDF, JPG, JPG2000, XML, HTML, proprietary formats, etc.

If you want to store memories captured in reel photographs we have highly specialized scanners to manage the conversions into digital images of photographic collections.

For other slide-scanning, watermarking and specialized digitization services in Georgia – contact Govitec, Inc.

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