Valuable and historical documents can be digitized and written to high resolution 35mm & 16mm microfilm in grayscale, providing a safe, long-term (up to 500 years) archive solution for sensitive and valuable assets while also taking advantage of today's digital preservation technology.

The film can be digitized in the future as technology changes.

Govitec converts grayscale or black & white digital images to film for long term archiving; whether your original documents were scanned from paper books, photos, and other media or even if born digital.

We are delighted to demonstrate our expertise by archiving free-of-charge your samples. We will help your company carrying out multiple tests to establish the best proof-of-concept before starting your project. Free sample test film (restriction applies) is sent to you (shipping cost applies) for review. Inquire about our free "proof-of-concept" for you to sign off before we go live on your project or email us

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