Govitec has the expertise to convert your newspapers and other paper documents as images (TIFF, PDF) or PDFs searchable bookmarked and/or indexed documents.

Newspapers are not only easy to damage, but take up too much storage space and are not easily searchable. New megapixel technology, experienced staff and comprehensive conversion procedures ensure that your collection is properly digitized and preserved. Delivery formats can be customized dependent on the ultimate use of the images, such as web, print, network, distribution, long term preservation and archiving (PDF/A compliance). Our improved image quality will greatly enhance OCR accuracy so as to make your images text searchable. Images can be delivered via CD/DVD, FTP or through our online repository with searches and retrievals features that can search the text of the entire collection of newspapers and magazine and other publications.

We are delighted to demonstrate our expertise by scanning free-of-charge your samples. We will help your company carrying out multiple tests to establish the best proof-of-concept before starting your project. Free sample test images are sent to you via secure FTP, password protected or encrypted email attachment. Inquire about our free "proof-of-concept" for you to sign off before we go live on your project or email us.

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