Get the best results for your document scanning needs using our over 20 years of experience designing, managing, delivering and maintaining imaging systems projects. From document preparation with or without using barcode separators, to scanning, indexing, final QC, and data and image formatting,

Govitec can:

SCAN Paper, Roll Film, Microfiches, Aperture cards, etc

EXECUTE all scanning projects Day-forward or Back file, Small or Large to be done at your place (onsite) or at our secure locations (GA, NY) for all applications such as Accounts Payable, Vouchers, Contracts, Part Lists, Case Report Files (CRFs), Claims, Credit Files, Deeds and Mortgage books, Engineering Reports and Drawings, Human Resource Files, Copyrights and Royalties, Loans and Credit/Collateral files, Mortgages, Financial Derivatives, Insurance Files, Material Data Safety Sheets - MSDS, Medical Records and Explanation of Benefits (EOBs), New Drug Applications (NDAs), Public Filings, Publications, Real Estate, Retirement Files, Signature Cards, Student Records, Surveys, Technical Reports, Transcripts and Trust Files, Laboratory Reports and Notebooks, Litigation, Forms and Surveys etc.

OUTPUT into TIFF and Multi-Page TIFF, PDF (Image and Image Over Text), HTML and XML Document, Text and Database Files (CSV and DBF), Via CD, DVD, external Hard Drive, FTP, VPN, Online, for Upload into over 50 popular or industry specific imaging systems including:

















Benefits of Document Scanning:

CostSaving: There is cost saving in terms of office/storage space, and labor cost in filing/retrieving documents.

Higher Productivity: Archiving of documents results in higher productivity due to Faster Access and Quick Distribution of Information by e-mail, fax, or other means.

Compliance: The ability to retain and retrieve documents digitally can be of considerable benefit to companies that must maintain documentation to be in compliance with government agencies and policies. (OSHA, HIPAA, EPA, Sarbanex-Oxley, etc..)

Backup: In the case of any eventuality like fire, flood, or theft, you can keep a backup of data on CD's or other media at different locations minimizing the risk of loss of data.

Security: By providing access of data to limited users you can eliminate the need of locked cabinets.

Data Extraction: Data can be extracted from Scanned Images using OCR.

Concurrent Access: Multiple users can access the data at the same time.


Inquire more about our industry tested operational procedures documenting our customized services, our accurate quality control, our experienced management team, our cutting-edge equipment, and workflow integration.

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