We can make your film, book and newspaper images text searchable using Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Superior OCR Accuracy

Our new technology using mega pixel cameras to digitize books and newspapers generates high quality preservation images, which greatly increases OCR accuracy.

Custom in-house applications perform specialized tasks such as enhancing, splitting, cropping, merging, bookmarking, stamping, watermarking, securing, and web based optimizing the deliverable PDF files

Now available: PDF/A conversion and migration. We can also OCR your existing digital images – Ask for a sample today

We are delighted to demonstrate our expertise by converting into PDF with OCR your images free-of-charge. We will help your company carrying out multiple tests to establish the best proof-of-concept before starting your project. Free sample test searchable PDFs are sent to you via secure FTP, password protected or encrypted email attachment. Inquire about our free "proof-of-concept" for you to sign off before we go live on your project or email us.

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